Is there a way to tell whether an order shipment address has been validated with avalara?

When using the Tax Connect > Validate Address command in sales order entry, it seems like once you review the results, there is no way to see later whether or not that address got validated. Am I missing something? I’m aware of the bulk address validation process and where to see that flag but its only on the customer/customer ship to, so it doesn’t tell you anything about sales orders that have one time ship to addresses. It would be nice to be able to see that the validation was done. I see this field in the OrderHed table but it doesn’t seem to be getting populated. I was thinking about adding a custom action to update the field to true when the validation is completed, but maybe that would be a bad idea?

The problem with not knowing if you validated the address is that then, if the address is no good, you don’t find out until the invoice fails to post, and its more work for accounting to fix it after the fact.