Is this a BPM Function?

On the Sales Order Entry screen we enter a specific customer then hit save. Under the Header tab, then the Comments tab, comments are automatically loaded in. What is driving this? I am sure it is a BPM, but what would it even fall under?

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You can check pretty easily. In Method Directives Maintenance, click Method Code to open the search dialog and select 'Search by Directives" and then click search.

If you see a SalesOrder business object, then you have some sort of BPM affecting order entry.

We have this. It seems like this is handling that portion. The problem I am having though is when a user wants to add more lines below the comments that populate, it will not let them. They can type more, just not add a new line in the comments.

Erp.Tables.Customer Customer;
foreach (var ttOrderHed_iterator in (from ttOrderHed_Row in ttOrderHed
                                     where string.Equals(ttOrderHed_Row.RowMod, IceRow.ROWSTATE_ADDED, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)
                                     select ttOrderHed_Row))
    var ttOrderHedRow = ttOrderHed_iterator;
    Customer = (from Customer_Row in Db.Customer
                where Customer_Row.Company == ttOrderHedRow.Company && Customer_Row.CustNum == ttOrderHedRow.CustNum
                select Customer_Row).FirstOrDefault();
    if (Customer != null)
        ttOrderHedRow.OrderComment = Customer.Comment;

Well I feel stupid. Global Options, Hot Keys, handle enter as tab was checked. ugh…
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Does shift-enter allow additional lines? Sometimes enter as tab will allow shift enter to add new lines. :slight_smile:

Shift-Enter doesn’t work for me when Enter is handled as Tab.

Ctrl-Enter works my bad shift is wrong one.