Issue complete remains

Hi all,

We are facing some strange thing with issue complete function. The question is maybe anyone else saw this and found any reason, becouse epicor support did not helped much on this.
So we have baq which shows the difference on required to be issued and issued actual. In many cases on stamping operation we need to flag lines as issue complete with a big difference on required and issued, so we mark this as issue complete, but the strange this that like after 1 day some of these lines remains again as not flaged as complete and baq retrieves them again. We do use back flush for all operations except on stamping. When user flags it as issue complete, after this no one logs on this operation so there are no more labors for this operation. So has anyone faced the same?

This may not help, but it was my understanding that the “Issued Complete” was not editable by the user; I know you can check the box but I thought that only the system could maintain it based off of how much has been issued compared to the required quantity.

I would go back to support and put in a bug report that based on the field help, it does not appear to be functioning as described. That will hopefully raise the ticket to a higher level.

Field help text. "Select this check box to indicate that this material issue completes the requirements for the job material sequence. If the issue quantity to-date is less than the planned requirement, selecting this check box will free any remaining allocation for the part.

This check box defaults to selected if the quantity entered plus any previous quantity issued exceeds the estimated material or assembly pull quantity. Clear the check box if this material issue does not complete the requirements for the job material sequence."

Sorry no answer, just curious a couple questions
1.) Where/how are users selecting “Issued Complete”?

2.) Are your changesto “Issued Complete” - reflected in Time Phase Inquiry for material parts?

3.) How/when do you discover “Issued Complete” for a part has reverted?

4.) Have you already tried enabling a change log for JobMtl.IssuedComplete - and has this offer up any clues?

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  1. Users mark issue complete in original Issue Material screen. We did not try manual selection in JobEntry

  2. Did not check Time Phase, but I will

  3. As users say this happens after the night, at night we have processes running, MRP and auto close job. I thought that this might happen because of auto close process, so tested without it, but still it happens some times. I have checked transactions and related mtl data, but I can not see any difference between good issue complete and that witch remains again.

  4. No it is not logged, I will enable this today