Issue Material - In decimals

Is there an option to enable entering the issue material qty in decimals?


In your UOM maintenance, find your FT UOM and change the decimals to 2.


I checked and it is set up correctly to allow 2 decimals so I’m wondering why it won’t allow them to enter decimals. I’m checking if the user properly entered the decimal values by enter the “.” manually and not expecting the decimal to exist without manually typing it in.

The user tried again and was not able to enter decimals but I am able to enter decimals for the same exact job and part number. Any other thoughts?

Personalizations? Did you clear those?

Checked and the user does not have any personalizations.

I’m not sure. Start with the basic troubleshooting things, restart the computer, have the user log into a different computer and try it, try it with other users. Watch over their shoulder as they do it. Something is different between what you are doing and what they are doing. You just have to figure out what.

Doubt it is the problem, but Serial Number controlled parts must be whole qty’s.

But that would be the same for all users wouldn’t it?

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It is not a serial number controlled part. I can enter decimals from the server but the user is not able to I believe on their PC.

Sorry … I missed that it was a lone user.

They have any weird workstatiuon settings (Like Regional Number system, where they use a , for decimals)?

Does the affected user have the issue regardless of workstation used?

Do unaffected users have this issue when using the the original users workstation?

Is Num Lock on?

Number lock is on since they can enter the number 9 but I do not see a period for the decimal. Usually the decimal is already prefilled.


I notice the field “PCID” in your first screen shot. What Program is this trying to be done in?

That’s the stock screen for 10.2.300+. Receive Job to inventory

You sure about that? Why would the reciept from a Job require to know the warehouse it’s coming FROM?


This is in the Issue Material screen

When the user launches that screen, and before entering a job number or anything, do they see the “default” value with decimals?

Based on their screenshot, no it is in whole numbers and do not see the default decimal values that I would have expected and tested. Works on the terminal server but not the local PC?

Their screenshoot is AFTER data has started being entered. If it was a business logic issue (like Serial controlled parts not allowing fractions) they might not kick in until some other info is provided.

Works on the terminal server for both you and the user?

Did they clear their cache?

The user says they were able to enter decimals for a different job but not for one job…