Issue Material - Reprint Labels

Hi there all,

So, it seems there is a way to reprint Issue Material labels from Actions -> Transaction Log but the menu item (Actions -> Print Labels) to Print is disabled. Any way to enable this function? See the screenshot below.

Can’t tell you specifics, but according to decomp of the DLL, it’s based on the args passed from the calling form.

if (Args.m is not Mode.ITRFM) PrintTranLogTool (the toolbutton) is disabled
Also decomp of the IssueMtl form shows it passes Mode.MTL to the trans log form.

How to solve? I suppose you MAY be able to create you own button to call that form passing the correct mode, but that’s just a guess

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Thank you. So it’s not just my install of Epicor? Good to know this at least. I guess I will attempt to add a button of which I have never done yet.


Im needing this SAME exact function enabled on our issue material transaction log too. Im on E10, did you end up figuring this out? Sorry to bring back up an old topic. @Chris_Conn