Issue miscellaneous material to a Job

Is there a way to issue miscellaneous material, like some material or supplies, that is needed at time of building a unit so the cost of the item is part of the job cost, but it is not an actual material on the Job BOM?

If you have a place holder part number, such as “MISC” you can then issue any other part number to this material sequence. That does require a material sequence to be added to the BOM, but at least it’s not a specific part number.


When you add a material to an op, just mark it as ADDED material

Thanks Mike, that seems to have been the best solution

Some quick notes about adding a Mtl Seq for generic misc issue to job:

  1. The UOM classes must match.

  2. You have to use an active P/N for the place holder, else the job treats it as Purchase Direct (Buy To Job), which will have a blank UOM Class.
    Even if the Job specified an On The Fly Part with UOM of FT, and you try to issue a part with UOM of FT, you’ll get:

We ran into that so ended up adding 2 mtl steps, one in EA and one in FT for them to use. Until we come up with a better solution, that seems to work, and also allows us to get a list of those items added so we can look to see if we need to add those to the list of items needed in the future.

I’m pretty sure that you can issue a different Part to a job, than its Mtl Seq calls for.

For example, Mtl Seq 10 is for P/N: CABLE-01 (which is LENGTH uom class), and qty per = 1000.

The Job needs all 1000 FT of that part, but an addition 100 FT of ROPE-01 is needed (but not on the MOM).
You could issue the 100 FT of ROPE to MtlSeq 10. (or any other Seq whose UOM class is LENGTH)

If the 1000 FT of CABLE-01 was already issued, there won’t be any problems (you might have to fiddle with the Issued complete flag before issuing the ROPE-01).

If you issue the ROPE first, then the qty of CABLE may automatically adjust to 900 FT (so the total of MtlSeq 10 was 1000 FT). So double check that.

This above may also affect Mass Issues and back flushing.

The Production detail report would show both materials being issued to Seq 10.