Issuing Serial Numbers

We have some parts in stock that we need to perform an couple of operations on. We went to issue the parts from stock to the job but but it came up saying the serial numbers are already used. Anyone have a way to do this in Epicor.


What does the Serial Tracker say?

Serial Tracker shows the status as inventory.

@PDCollier Try creating a job for serial number part and add that as material as well in that job and then issue it.

Is the JobNum field blank? What are the serial number transactions on the serial?

there is no job. these parts were migrated over from our previous ERP when we cut over in January 2020.

@Arul is correct. If the part is in inventory, create a new job and add that part # as a material sequence. If you want to reuse the same serial number and it will be the same part, make sure the “Reassign Serial Number to Assembly” is checked on the materials detail.

If you want to convert it to a different part # then use the new part # as the parent and don’t reassign the serial number. There are ways to get the same serial # on a different part #, but it gets tricky.

the Reassign Serial Number to Assembly is what we were missing. Thanks for your help.