IT Consultant/Support Needed

We’re in the market for an IT consultant to help manage our network and backups, etc. We don’t require a tremendous amount of time each month – I think on the average of less than 20 hours per month. Ideally we would love to work with someone local to the Raleigh, NC area so that they would be available to be on-site when needed; but the majority of what we need can be handled remotely. If anyone has someone they can recommend, we would love to know about it; please feel free to respond here or message me directly.

Wendy - if you have not found anyone yet, one of the Epicor partners we use is out of NC. Encompass Solutions would be worth a look.

Hi Jeff – Thanks for the input. We’ve started working with a company for the moment …I’m not sure how long we will stay with them; there seem to be some disagreements by our resident IT “expert” about how they do things. I’ll definitely look into Encompass Solutions.

Right now I would love to have an Epicor IT specialist on speed dial…