JIT Debugger

Has anyone had any luck launching the JIT Debugger to track down an issue?

I believe the issue is the customization tool in Epicor is not compiling with debugger turned on; therefore, this is not a viable option. If so, anyone have other “options” to track down issue?

I assume you mean using Visual Studio to debug the Customization. If that’s the case and you don’t have the option then you must not have the right Version of Visual Studio installed for your version of Epicor.

So Jose,
What is the visual studio version that is working well with Kinetic ?
After 12 years I am changing my computer, and in this process was wandering instead of re-installing my 2017 pro version, I might as well upgrade…
Also, would that version be compatible with our current Epicor (10.2.600 ) as we are only going Kinetic by april of next year… :wink:


For 10.2.600 I believe 2019 would work I don’t know for sure though but I think it does @jgiese.wci may know he is running 700

For Kinetic 2022 works, but it would be backwards compatible to 2019

Are we talking compatible for screen customizations?