Job Closing bpm

Epicor 9.05.701

Task: Is it possible to default the Materials tab and exceptions radio button as per screenshot when job closing is loaded when the job number is entered?

Would this be a bpm? or method…pre / base / post etc?

Many thanks in advance.

It would have to be a customization. I can help with the checkbox. I am still researching how to make the Materials tab active by default.
In developer mode, open Job Closing. Tools -> Customize.
Click the Script Editor tab
Choose VB
Inside the Sub InitializeCustomCode() sub, Copy/Paste the following before the End Sub.

Dim ctrl as EpiRadioButton = CType(csm.GetNativeControlReference(“EpiGUID GOES HERE”), EpiRadioButton)
ctrl.Checked = True

Now go back to the properties tab and click the Exceptions radio button.
Copy the EpiGuid
Back to Script Editor
Replace EpiGUID GOES HERE with the EpiGuid that you just copied.
Press F5 to check your code. Should be successful.

Save then close customization
Stay in developer mode and open Job Closing
Choose the customization that you just created. Is Exceptions now checked?
You will have to go into Menu Maintenance and apply this customization to load as default for any link to Job Closing. Favorites will also need to be recreated.

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apologies for delay too…

the Materials tab can be done via a personalisation…
simply drag the Operations tab to the right of Materials, click back on the materials tab and click tools/save layouts.