Job closing error

I keep getting this error when i try to close a job… any suggestions on how to fix this?

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There is a labor entry that has not been submitted/approved. Review the entries for that job to see which one hasn’t been submitted/approved.


I open Job Tracker and look at the operations>Labor Transactions for the job to see if any labor transaction has a E in the Status column instead of an A. The next thing I check on that same screen is whether a checkmark appears for any transaction in the ActiveTrans column.

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all looks good. all A’s and no check marks

You could try unapproving and reapproving the labor transactions. The error message is pretty accurate. Usually I have found that I missed checking an operation in a multi-operation job.

Look in T&E. Sometimes they don’t show up in Job Tracker.

is there a way to search by job # at time and expense? Just curious?

Use a BAQ.

all the labor transactions are grayed out aleady

You can go to the job tracker and pull up the labor detail on each of the operations. If they aren’t “A”, then see if you can log into MES with that employee ID and see the job there. If so, end activity (and fix T&E if over hours). If you have auto approve turned on at submit that would do the trick.

Otherwise, if the labor was stuck in active when a COS\WIP capture was done, use the Conversion Workbench, User Run Conversion, either #630 or #660 to end activity on “stuck” labor transactions.


We use job tracker to find the unapproved entry. Make sure you are clicking on each operation and then checking on the labor transactions tab for that operation to find the unapproved entry. I also reordered list view in job tracker so it was easier to see the status.

Try the following query if you have access to the SQL database or an equivalent BAQ.

Select * from Erp.LaborDtl where JobNum = ‘102892’ AND (ActiveTrans = 1 OR (TimeStatus <> ‘’ AND TimeStatus <> ‘A’))

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ISI-UnsubmittedLabor.baq (26.4 KB)

We use that ^

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Did you run a WIP capture? If so, then you can’t change anything for those ones that are greyed out.

It happens here from time to time. Usually it’s from an edit in Time and Expense entry that doesn’t get the status updated after the change. I have an updatable dashboard similar to willetta’s. Criteria is the Job # and LaborDtl.ActiveTrans is updatable.

Who will get the solution tag on this…

I got a updateable BAQ from Epicor that solves this problem, it was called ChkLaborAct.

Check your shop tracker for someone that may still be clocked in from days prior and not clocked out. Its possible they are logged onto that job.