Job completion..!

Hello people,

We wanted to complete the job with the labor costing posted.
As some previous jobs were performed in relaity but not entered in epicor. So we decided to close it using the job adjustment.

But after completing all the operation including inhouse and subcontract, we’re unable to see the complete qty in the job completing/closing form. Figure shown below:

As we can see that all the operations are completed, still the complete qty is zero.
What could be the reason for this?

Any help would be great.


The last operation on Asm 0 needs to have the completed quantity. I do not see Asm 0 in your screen shot.


Can you also provide, what might be the reason for not showing the Assm 0 line?

Is there an Asm 0 on the job?

there is.

But we haven’t defined any operations or material over there.
This job, only has subassemblies

I believe that is your issue. It is my understanding that EVERY job in Epicor requires a 0 level assembly with at least one operation.