Job Cost Into BAQ


I’m trying to pull the total job cost into a BAQ. I’m currently using the total cost out of invoice detail, which is an ok place to find it, but it’s not accurate for some reason. Where do people pull total costs per invoice/unit?

@mandersen I use JobAsmbl there are several TLA (Top Level Actual) and LLA (Lower level Actual) cost fields. These are what you would see in Job tracker.

EDIT: Job Tracker Thanks @Chris_Conn

@gpayne is correct (by the way how you doing Greg?).

Have a look at Job Tracker > Job Details > Assemblies > Costs for some direction.

@Chris_Conn Doing well. Planning on going to Insights and seeing folks in person. Will you be able to get to Vegas?

Not this year, I am slated for Nashville next year though.