Job Costing - Estimated Burden and Crew size


I am investigating some variances between estimated job costs and actual job costs and just wanted to run something past you all.

There is a requirement to set up ‘Burden=Labor’ on the resource groups.

I’ve noticed that when Epicor estimates a job cost it takes into account crew size for the estimated hours, but not when estimating the burden.

For example a job has one operation assigned to resource 1, which has the checkbox ‘Burden=Labor’ set to true, with a crew size of two.

I assign the operation to a job and run the production detail report. The report provides estimates for:

  • Labor = Labor rate * (crew size * scheduled hours) = Labor rate * (2 *1)

  • Burden = Burden rate * scheduled hours = Burden rate * 1

When the users log onto the job they actually work for one hour each, thus with the setting of burden=labor, the actual burden = Burden rate * 2

Thus the estimates and actual are correct, but due to the estimate not considering crew size, there is a variance.

Bearing this in mind a crew size > 1 and ‘Burden=Labor’ set to true means MFG-VAR seem inevitable.

Does anyone see any flaws in my logic?



Sorry, I’m not sure from your explanation… and getting an answer to job costing questions can to be a little “involved”

I am just wondering if you have already looked at the “Job Costing Technical Reference Guide”?
I usually start there when I have any questions about labor/burden calculations.
If you don’t already have a copy, you can find a link to the PDF in the E10 embedded help

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Hi Andrew,

The Burden = Labor only applies to data entered in the Data Collection module, so it doesn’t work for quoted/estimated. Here is what the Field Help says for that option:



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I do think it’s an inconsistency, but as long as it can be explained, I’m happy.

IKR?!? You would think it would apply to both estimating and actual but nope! HTH!!

I’ve raised a call with Epicor - so i’ll let you know the response.

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Alas - it got pushed back by Epicor - I was told to raise it through Epicor ideas :cry:

Can you please suggest where to download this Job costing Technical reference Guide, as I am pretty new to Epicor , Thanks

PDF versions of several Tech Ref Guides are listed in the Epicor Help.

Thank you, Got it
Appreciate your coming back ,
How well versed you are on the mfg side i.e I have a question on Rework Cost , it is straight going to product cost against the Rework operations which are mapped to correct GL Expense codes, but it is adding to product cost , Any lead on this front will help a lot Thanks and regards

Sorry, don’t know about rework off the top of my head.
One suggestion… I’m thinking you might want to start a new topic / description so that more readers will notice your question.

Thank you, NP, Sunil