Job Costing - Estimated Labor Cost

Has anyone seen estimated labor costs being zero on jobs that were created using the Order Job Wizard or Planning Workbench with a configured part (part on the fly) in version 10.1.600.5 - 10.1.600.13? The same exact process and parts work fine in 10.1.400 and 10.1.500. The method, operations, resources groups, etc. are all identical between versions. The odd part is that if you open a job that is created and toggle the op code the costs all appear just fine and if you detach the configurator from the base part and just use Make Direct it works fine. I have tested this on several different installations of 10.1.600 with the same result.

Epicor has recognized this as a bug affecting version 10.1.600 and 10.2 - No SCR yet but I will post when one is created.

SCR209103 has been logged for this issue and is expected to be released in 10.1.600.17 (Dec. 8th). Guessing that 10.2 also has a release around that time with the fix.