Job Costing - Production Detail Report

I just want to understand, how does the material cost breakdown calculated ? which is highlighted in the green. - Inventory/WIP reconciliation report shows difference cost and production detail report material cost breakdown shows difference cost.

Thanks for your help in advance.

all costs are not being captured at time of Job receipt to inventory.

Does the final Operation have the Production QTYs entered? For example if the Job needs 200 made, has production reported the 200 QTY?
The Production QTYs affects the captured costs at the receipt to inventory.

Yes, it produced.

Not sure this applies n your case, just an FYI…
I recently (May or June 2019) opened a case with Epicor regarding Material Cost Breakdown.
The Epicor response was there are design issues & scheduled fix in some future release.

Thanks Bruce for this update,

This is other strange thing in the job costing MFG-STK shows below the cost 710.45

Whereas, Job Actual Cost show below. I failed to understand on these disparity it supposed to 1420.90 but MFG-STK shows 710.45 which incorrect costing.

I’ll try to remember to look up the problem number I got from Epicor & forward.

Also, if you have access to EpicCare, there are some knowledgebase articles on the PDR.
Might give you some help.

And if you have access to EpicWeb,
There are some answerbooks for the PDR too I still refer to
but… many of those are for older versions where not everything is exactly the same as E10.

Can you tell us the reference to search on epicare portal?

In EpicCare

In EpicWeb

  • Search Answerbooks (Sign In)
    — Products: E10, E9, Vista/Vantage 8 and/or Vantage
    — Phrase:… Production Detail
    Returns a bigger list if you specified all products
  • You can reduce the size of the list by adding Key Words, e.g. Notes

As for my EpicCare case related to PDR breakdown NOT… issue was confirmed by development created ERPS-117282

Thank you. Unfortunately, I do not find anything relevant and useful on my issue.

Yeah, I think that is the answer for now.

One other note…EpicCare includes a section for requesting new KB articles.
Takes a while but they will send a notification once your requested KB has been added.
One of the many things I haven’t gotten around to doing yet… submitting one for PDR, e.g. table/field list & calculation notes.

For Maintenance Jobs, do you know why raw material costs are not rolling up to be displayed in the total costs section? I verified there is a unit cost on the Maintenance Job and it does display in the Production Detail report in the actual costs section but not in the totals section.