Job Creator and Materials

Hi everyone,
I have two simple questions.

  1. I want to know who created the Job. Are there any fields I can see in the Job Entry or Job Tracker?
  2. We modify materials for each job (even the same part). Is there a menu where I can view the materials for each job at once? I can’t view Job Entry or Job Tracker all at once because you have to view each job one by one.

Thanks in advance!


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May be “Job Status” might help.
Executive Analysis → Status Dashboard → Job Status

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Thanks your reply.
But in my Epicor there is no field to see the job creator. Should I add a field?

You would need to add them to JobTracker.

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Log in the Job Audit log


Should record the user id of who created and when.


Yes. I also checked the audit log. But no information came out. Doesn’t this field only appear when there is a change?

You probably don’t have the Audit log enabled in company configuration.

Go to;
System Setup / Company Site Maintenance
Open Company configuration
Go to;
Modules / Production / Job Tab

Check these two boxes.
From this point forward the audit log will be created

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Thanks for your reply.
I know this setting. But, this is only entered when the Job is modified in Engineered status, I want to know the original creator of the Job.

Thanks for your reply.
Could you please briefly explain how to add the field?
I’m not familiar with Epicor so I don’t know how to add it. Knowing this method will be of great help to other Epicor operations as well.

First enter ‘Developer Mode’

Open Job Entry or Job Tracker select form to customize.


Use the Customization Tools Dialog UI and open the Tools > ToolBox to add a epiTextBox and set the EpiBinding to JobHead.CreatedBy

Save and test if all goes correctly you can set this as default customization in the Menus.


Thanks for your help, I have created a new field well.
Thank you again.

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Sorry to bother you.
New fields I create appear in developer mode, but not in normal mode.
Do I need to make any additional settings?

Do this using Menu Maintenance.