Job Entry Customization: UD Fields set to null on Engineer

Hello All,
I’ve run into a head scratcher and would love a fresh set of eyes.

I have a UD Field ProductionGroup_c in JobAsmbl.

Since the assemblies tab in job entry is read only for ASM 0, I have an EpiDataView created for JobAsmbl where AsmSequence = 0, this dataview is then bound to combo boxes on the job tab.

I can successfully save the Production group to ASM 0 and see that it has written to the DB via BAQ.
When I click Engineer and save, the ProductionGroup_c field is returned in the result data set as null.

Custom code:

	public void InitializeCustomCode()
		// ** Wizard Insert Location - Do not delete 'Begin/End Wizard Added Variable Initialization' lines **
		// Begin Wizard Added Variable Initialization

		// End Wizard Added Variable Initialization

		// Begin Wizard Added Custom Method Calls

		// End Wizard Added Custom Method Calls

		//SetExtendedProperties<bool>("CurrAsm", "ProductionGroup_c", "ReadOnly",  false);
		//SetExtendedProperties<bool>("CurrAsm", "LotAssignmentType_c", "ReadOnly", false);

	private void CreateASM0View()
		edv_ASM0 = new EpiDataView();
		edv_ASM0.dataView = ((EpiDataView)(this.oTrans.EpiDataViews["JobAsmbl"])).dataView.Table.DefaultView;
		edv_ASM0.StaticFilter = "AssemblySeq = 0";

I am having trouble identifying why the return dataset would have null for ProductionGroup_c.

Trace Log:

  <appServerUri>here be dragons</appServerUri>
  <localTime>11/5/2019 13:32:27:6179708 PM</localTime>
  <executionTime total="3105" roundTrip="702" channel="0" bpm="2368" other="35" />
    <parameter name="ds" type="Erp.BO.JobEntryDataSet">
      <JobEntryDataSet xmlns="">
          <!-- Removed for Clarity-->
          <!-- Removed for Clarity-->
          <!-- Removed for Clarity-->
          <!-- Removed for Clarity-->
    <returnParameter name="ds" type="Erp.Tablesets.JobEntryTableset">
      <JobEntryDataSet xmlns="">
          <!-- Removed for Clarity-->
          <!-- Removed for Clarity-->
          <!-- Removed for Clarity-->
          <!-- Removed for Clarity-->
    <paramDataSet name="ds" useDataSetNbr="0">
      <changedValue tableName="JobHead" rowState="Modified" rowNum="0" colName="JobEngineered"><![CDATA[True]]></changedValue>
      <changedValue tableName="JobHead" rowState="Modified" rowNum="0" colName="EnableJobFirm"><![CDATA[False]]></changedValue>
      <changedValue tableName="JobHead" rowState="Modified" rowNum="0" colName="EngineerAllowed"><![CDATA[False]]></changedValue>
      <changedValue tableName="JobHead" rowState="Modified" rowNum="0" colName="HeaderSensitive"><![CDATA[False]]></changedValue>
      <changedValue tableName="JobHead" rowState="Modified" rowNum="0" colName="RowMod"><![CDATA[U]]></changedValue>
      <changedValue tableName="JobHead" rowState="Modified" rowNum="0" colName="UD_SysRevID"><![CDATA[System.Byte[]]]></changedValue>
    <Op Utc="2019-11-05T18:32:27.7062284Z" act="Erp:BO:JobEntry/JobEntrySvcContract/Update" correlationId="24d1ef93-c8fe-4aa7-878d-f800830a0739" dur="594.1822" cli="" usr="dlindner_admin" machine="ausdtsapptst01" pid="14068" tid="21" xmlns="">
      <Sql queries="211" cacheHits="77" time="345.1722" qryTypeCount="132" />
      <BpmCustomization Source="DB" BpMethodCode="Erp.JobAsmbl" Type="In Transaction Trigger" Duration="0">
        <BpmDirective Type="0" ID="abf49c80-b798-42f3-9a3a-fbdb53b6a26e" Name="test" VisibilityScope="0" Duration="0" />

The trace log is showing that I am sending ProductionGroup_c to the server. but the return dataset is showing the ProductionGroup_c as null.

The BPM customization was a debug message to see what was happening in transaction.

<BpmCustomization Source="DB" BpMethodCode="Erp.JobAsmbl" Type="In Transaction Trigger" Duration="0">

This showed me that between the customization and the in-transaction BPM something was setting the ProductionGroup_c as Updated to null.

Any Ideas as to why this information is being updated to null?

Also, I has originally tried just using the CurAsm DataView on the Assemblies tab, but immediately abandoned that path to go the rout of added complexity. I may still look into trying to make the combo boxes on that tab ReadOnly = False.

Changed instances of ProdGroup_c to the UD fields real name ProductionGroup_c

Some method is setting Asm 0 values to match JobHead.

I added a control to modify the description of ASM0 independently of JobHead Description; When I saved, Job Asm 0 Description was overwritten by the JobHead description. It looks as if somewhere in the Update method, JobHead Maps changes to Asm 0. I don’t see any Column maps that would allow for mapping of UD fields from JobHead -> Assembly, so I might just have to introduce an In-Transaction to stop the overwrite of UD fields on Asm 0.

The answer seems to be that when engineering a job, the UD mapping is run and the Asm 0 is being overwritten (in my case) by information from PartRev.

Is it possible that the Job Entry screen doesn’t handle UD fields for Asm 0?
It doesn’t seem correct, but if you are setting the ProdGroup_c in a data directive, is it only on RowMod=A?

I notice you mention ProdGroup_c but show ProductionGroup in trace. Was this just to shortcut or perhaps something off? Can you post your in-tran directive? This should work just fine.

That was me short cutting. The ud field is ProductionGroup_c.

The ProductionGroup_c is populated from a UD Mapping that copies from the PartRev UD field.
I am able to save and review the changes to the DB when I save the record while un engineered. When I select Engineered and save, the return dataset has ProcustionCode_c as null.

The data directive was just to investigate the information in transaction.

Not a solution but perhaps a starting point. Turn off Prevent Changes for Engineered Job in Company Config and see if it works.

Wow. So the mapping brings it over, but the standard Job Entry screen wipes it out when Engineered?
Sounds like a bug to me.


I am just trying to figure out the solution.
Anyway, What is an actual UD Column name ?, is it ProdGroup_c or ProductionGroup_c?

however, please verify “Erp.Data.910100.dll” and “Ice.Data.Model.dll” on Server\Assemblies folder, is it correctly placed? whenever you run data model regenerate option, system updates this 2 assemblies, might you forget to replace it with the correct one

after replacing assemblies, do Reset IIS APP Pool from the admin console

Same results, ProductionGroup_c is returned as null after saving the engineered = true. Only difference is that I can set the ProductionGroup_c field after the job is engineered.

I edited the post to show the correct ud field name "ProductionGroup_c ".

We are Cloud Dedicated Tenancy, but I will reach out to support to confirm.

The strange part is that in the Trace Log I can see that the values are set and the RowMod for Asm0 is Unchanged. At some point, something is updating the row which I was able to confirm by creating a In-Transaction directive for JobAsmbl table to show Modified rows and their values.

What is the full version you are on? 10.2.xx.xx?

We are running: 10.2.500.4