Job Entry - No Whse

Hi everybody,

I thought I read something about this problem earlier somewhere, but, now
I can't find it.

Here is what is happening, Our enginners make and buy everything to a job
(no inventory). Lately we have had repeats of a couple of our past jobs
with different quantities on order. When the engineers use the "get
Details" and then try to correct the quantities they get an error of "No
Whse". I have loaded the current 815 patch and it seems to have corrected
this for new jobs but the ones created prior to this patch still give the
"No Whse" error when you try to change the quanities. Now my question, Does
anyone know how to correct this problem without deleting the jobs and
re-creating them? Any help would be appreciated, and please email me direct
as I am currently on digest format.

Thank you

Douglas Dikeman