Job Entry Shows Job Linked to Sales Order, but not in Job Manager

Short story background: When I was hired, there was no documentation on processes and procedures. I was hired to change that and document everything, which I’m doing. Despite my ‘baptism by fire’, I’ve done pretty well and appreciate the help I’ve received on this forum.

With that said, I did some digging into how our Repair Orders were entered by my predessessor. I am really puzzled about what I’ve found. For Repair Orders, the service techs need Jobs to be created. I will explain along with screenshots.
The first screenshot shows the sales order 406498 and part number TSO-40000. Normal stuff.

The next screenshot shows the Job Manager

Notice, there are no lines in the Demand/Supply/Supply Links/Demand Links sections.

However, if I go to Job Entry, the Demand Summary shows a line for Make To Order and it looks correct.

How is it possible to create a Job, link it to a Sales Order, but nothing shows in the Job Manager?

It may help to know, the same part TSO-40000 is used for all Repair Orders. However, the Job Numbers are unique for each sales order, i.e., JOBA-40000-72, JOBA-40000-73, etc.

Thank you in advance for your help. I really appreciate it!

Do closed jobs still show in the Job Manager screen?

My thinking if it’s done/closed I don’t need to manage it any longer?

Hello CSmith,
I was thinking the same thing. I’m going to look at this a little closer because I have a feeling you’re right.
Thank you!

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