Job Firm (Release) Date

I’m fairly new to Epicor and trying to find out if the system provides a suggested Firm Date. MRP creates UF jobs from loaded demand and there’s a “Start Date” associated to the job based on backwards scheduling. From what I can see this date only takes into consideration the operations it needs to go through. Is there somewhere or a way for Epicor to look at an assemblies components Longest LT and based on that provide a “Suggested Firm Date” to have material ordered on time? Having a hard time figuring this one out.

Not sure about firm date but FWIW…
I think lead times for manufactured parts can be “interesting” in Epicor.
Why I like to start by running the Manufacturing Lead Time Calculation - to get an idea if the value returned reflects real life build times. If not, might be something wrong with my methods, rework required OR can manually override in job entry.