Job Manager Exception

We had a user report an error that shows a red X on the Job Manager screen:

Here’s a screenshot of the client exception that was thrown:

Does anybody know exactly what caused this? It looks like something got corrupted on his client.

Have you already had the user clear their cache and log off/on?
Or maybe… Tools --> “Reset Layouts to Base”

Occasionally I’ve seen red x’s like you describe in trackers that were launched from a right-click in some other form. i.e. where Epicor tries to maintain a reference between the “called” tracker and the “calling” form. The “red x” can occurr when something changes on the calling form that results in the reference in the called form being broken. In those cases I’ve only needed to close an reopen forms to recover.

A couple things. @bordway is correct:

  1. Try deleting your client cache (With Epicor closed, delete the C:\ProgramData\Epicor*-808 folder)
  2. Try deleting the personalization
  3. Try Re-Installing the Epicor Client
  4. Check user permissions (should be solved with #3).

That was almost a “feature” of Job Manager and Time Phase in E9. I had many users complain of that when they did an open with and left it open for a long time.

Yeah. In E9 it seemed to happen in weird places if the company had a lot of security on the user machine.