Job Manager very slow to load

Dear experts,

Job manager form very slow to load / not responding when opening from sales order entry.

PDT is giving below results

First question would be is there a BPM on JobManager.GetMatrix?

No there is no bpm.

Does it run faster is you already have it open or if you open it manually from the menu?
I would run a trace to see what inputs are different.

It runs faster when open it manually from the menu . It is slow when trying to open from sales order entry .

Has anyone had any suggestions to fixing this? I had a 10.2.400 install that I recently upgraded to 10.2.700 and I have been getting complaints about their linking process taking much longer than before.

Is the solution to tell them to put their orders on, and then open Job Manager from the main menu and link them outside of Order Entry?

I’m seeing that Job Manager only opens quickly from the main menu because it’s no populated with data. Only after I enter in the PN that they are linking jobs for does it take forever to update… This may be a issue created by themselves though since they use a single bucket job and PN for all repairs in one department.

EDIT did a test on 10.2.400 (old DB) and its significantly quicker loading for that PN… something changed with how that form is loaded and it must be a delay in the BAQ’s that are being run during that process.

For reference, Job Manager for the same PN took 2 seconds to load in 10.2.400. In 10.2.700 it takes 59 seconds to populate that screen. Something is majorly wrong.

I’m following up on this post because the problem I’m having has been confirmed an issue and is being sent to development. This is the only topic I could find regarding slow Job Management screen so I wanted to keep it together.

To summarize the issue… when you have many order links to a Job/PN, Loading that PN in Job Manager will get slower and slower depending on how many links you have. I’m talking in the 1200-1500 range of links the screen will take near a minute to load. That also means every Order you go to link using Job Manager will subsequently take a minute to complete since that screen needs to refresh after the link is done.

Hello Jonathan

We have been able to replicate the behavior you reported in CS0003258796 and have submitted it to our Development team for review under PRB0254974. Our Development team will review the steps and will provide us with their initial assessment within ten business days. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Best Regards!

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