Job material part number changed on PO, duplicate suggestions

OOTB Epicor allows part number changes on the PO, even if linked to a job material. Our buyers sometimes need to change the part number on the PO, differing from the job. Normally this doesn’t cause an issue.

But sometimes they show up again in suggestions! It happened today and could have been an $80,000 double ordering mistake… any ideas why it may have shown up again?

I’m currently testing but haven’t found cause yet.


So after some testing, it looks like if a part is Arrived, but Not Received, and Generate PO Suggestions is run, it adds the related job material parts back onto the suggestion list. Still looking into it. Anyone else seen this?

I’m pretty sure I isolated the bug, submitted it to Epicor.

CS0004331521 - Bug - Arrived Items can show up again on PO Suggestions, potentially leading to $1000000s in duplicate orders

Case details


Duplicate demand can occur if the procurement agent changes the part number on a PO, to be different from the job demand.

If the parts are later Arrived, and stay in the arrived state when PO suggestions is run, the job parts will go on to suggestions again.

Steps to reproduce and isolate bug:

  1. Create a job with 4 materials, eg 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A.
  2. Add all those parts to a PO, as job materials connected to the job, with full quantities.
  3. Change parts 3A and 4A on the PO to parts 3B and 4B.
  4. Approve PO
  5. In receipt entry, Arrive 1A and 3B. Receive 2A and 4B. Full quantities.
  6. Run Generate PO suggestions on the 6 parts and let it finish.
  7. Open PO Suggestions list. It will list 3A as needing purchasing again. The other items won’t list. This is the bug.

This happened to us and had we followed PO Suggestions, we would have incorrectly placed a PO for $80,000 in duplicate orders.

As a continuation, mark the 3B as Received in Receipt Entry, and reopen PO Suggestion list. The 3A will be gone.

We’re looking to make a workaround with a customization on the PO Suggestions list, to identify these bad items on the list, to prevent accidental purchase in the future.