Job/Project Cost with Invoices & POs

Can anyone tell me a quick way to retrieve a report with project (or by job) costs that shows transactions with related PO and AP invoice number?

We would normally just run the Inventory WIP Reconcilation report, but the auditors want to see invoices and POs too. I’m sure we could come up with a report like this, but right now we are needing a quick solution if possible.

Thanks all! Happy Friday!

Does the job status dashboard work? Right click on the job, open with, job status dashboard. There is a tab for part transactions that as the PO number. You won’t get AP invoice on that screen, but you would get all of the PO’s tied directly to that job.

Hi Brandon! Thanks for the reply. Yeah, they wanted the invoices in order to trace back to the PO. I actually ended up being able to create a query pretty quickly: just pulled APInvcDtl joined on JobHead and was able to get what they needed :slight_smile:


Yeah, the invoices aren’t one to one on the PO’s I think, so it’s a little harder to display, which is probably why they just have you make a query. Glad you got what you needed.

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