Job stream - batch release and print travelers

We’re on 10.1.600.11, trying to set up a job stream in a sustainable way. Goal is to auto release jobs for certain areas 3 business days out. I also need to print travelers for these to different printers and/or printer trays.

We did add a planner filter to the job traveler, so I can mass print by planner. I’m going the process set method so the jobs are released before triggering mass prints. What I’m finding is I need a process set for each day (no dynamic today+3 in auto release) and I would need to submit each area’s mass print as a separate task in that process. Once a task is saved to a process set, you can’t maintain it. If we add planners or have printer changes it looks like I have to delete the task and start over (6 process sets x 6 tasks). There isn’t a DMT available for process sets.

Has anyone else faced a situation like this? What solution(s) did you find?


I know this is old but how did you add the Planner filter? I am looking to do exactly that.

We ended up doing a print routing with splitting on job head person ID. It’s not idea since it’s hard coded to printers and person ID. We had to get ot up & running without the SDK.