Job stuck with "This Job has parts in WIP"

I’ve done a lot of work here trying to design some controls via BPM that will greatly reduce the number of job completion exceptions that we’re having. I was reviewing the results when I came across one that would not close. The reason given was “This Job has parts in WIP”.

This was a simple job (should be a Kanban receipt), which required 1 material and 1 operation. The Qty/Per parent is 10 EA for the material. The job production quantity is 2 EA. 20 EA were issued to the job, the labor was entered and the total quantity was reported. Then, 20 EA were received into Inventory.

  1. The material was issued before the operation started.
  2. There were no quantities scrapped or moved to non-conformance.
  3. The labor ticked was closed before the receipt into inventory.

The Work In Process report shows the following:

Yet the exception tracker shows this:

I cannot figure out what is triggering the exception. Any thoughts on what I can check?

Open subcontract PO?

Do you see anything in Job Tracker > Part Locations > WIP?

No, 1 simple operation. Time & Qty reported, and is marked as complete.

No, that screen is blank.

Double-checking just to make sure there isn’t any weird filtering in the form…

Anything in the Erp.PartWIP table for that JobNum if you run a BAQ?

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Any serial numbers that did not get transacted at the time of receipt?

Came up with no rows.

No, this part isn’t tracked.

Doug, did you ever come across an issue where the job wouldn’t close because the cost variance was off? More specifically, did you ever have that variance issue with a part that was a part on the fly and was purchased to the job?

I’ve gotten that on several jobs, but that’s just due to an outdated MOM in our case.

Our auto job closing process runs in the evening, and the job is now off of the exception list. Somebody must have done something yesterday morning before I looked at the job closing exception list.

Thanks for the ideas!