Job Traveler - All SubAssembly Raw Componenents

Is there a way to group all raw material components in the Job Traveler without having to separate the raw material components by subassemblies. Basically we want to see all raw component parts and not grouped by JobMtl.AssemblySeq in the Job Traveler similar to what the Job Pick List is displaying. By checking on the print ‘Sub-Assemblies’ it breaks the raw materials by subassemblies but we want it to bring all the subassembly raw materials to be included with the main assembly zero in one section.

I was thinking in the subreport on the Job Traveler’s RawMaterialComponent, there is a grouping that can be edited to bring in all subassemblies and not just the main assembly.

It may be easier to hide some built-in sections and add your own custom subreport to display materials exactly as you’d like.

The raw material components already have all the fields and layouts so we are just looking to add all the subassembly components to that subreport without having to create a new subreport. I was thinking the subreport has a grouping of some sort to simply modify so that it brings in all components.