Job Traveler Report Size Limit?

We are experiencing problems with printing Job Travelers, but only on certain jobs. The traveler print job will stay in “Active” status for about 30 mins, then it will fail:
Program Ice.Services.Lib.RunTask raised an unexpected exception with the following message: RunTask: Client found response content type of ‘text/html; charset=utf-8’, but expected ‘text/xml’.

I have the KB for increasing the time out setting for reports, which I haven’t applied yet as it requires restarting the servers.

I want to do a quick sanity check; is anyone else printing 100+ page Job Travelers without issues, or am I reaching some upper limit?



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IMO, a 100+ page router is an issue.

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What in the world are you doing??? :rofl:

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Our entire traveler, custom SSRS, for a finished machine, it can vary from 200 pages to close to 600 pages. Depends. Takes about 5 minutes. The last time I had issues with this was way back in 2020 when we were first migrating reports from Epicor v9 to v10.

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Curious: what do you do for engineering changes? Reprint the whole thing or just the changed pages and then chase it down in the plant?


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If I only knew.
I probably would have something new to work on.

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As far as i know - there is no size limit.

Do you have custom Select queries in the SSRS?

How long does the Epicor Standard Report Job Traveler take to finish? (Does it finish).

I just tested a 600 page Custom Job traveler on a Direct Tennant SaaS environment and it took 3min and 50sec.


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Thanks for the reactions!

We build robotic packaging machinery. Due to the nature of the product and the number of assemblies the jobs tend to get rather deep in terms of subassemblies. We probably should re-think the MoM structure, but it just isn’t part of upper management’s focus right now.

For an engineering change, we re-run the ASM if we have to. The entire Traveler gets chunked up by major assembly anyway.

On the average; Job travelers run between 1K to 3K pages… It takes a forest in paper to produce a job here :wink:

Support had me increase the timeout settings on the various config files, and I can print a 2200 page traveler inside 1 hour now, without erroring out. “KB0047758 - Additional Timeout adjustments for SSRS Report xml/utf-8 type error messages” is what took care of the immediate problem.

I know the real problem is harder to resolve and it mostly involves the desire and vision for change. That is something I keep advocating. We need to adhere more to the KISS principles, and adopt a modular approach to our product.