Job Traveler Report - Where is the sub assembly report?

Hi All,

I am going in circles on this one.
If I print a job traveler and check the “Sub-Assemblies” checkbox and use the Standard - SSRS style (out of the box version with zero modifications) I get a job traveler with the “SUBASSEMBLY COMPONENTS:” section displayed as expected.

I would assume that this is from the Traveler_SubComponents report that is a subreport on the Traveler.rdl. However, I have starred at this RDL in report builder for a long time and I do not see this subreport anywhere. I do see the Traveler_RawMaterialComponents subreport and I would presume that the Traveler_SubComponents would be before Traveler_RawMaterialComponents because it displays before Raw Materials but I just don’t see it.

Is there some type of black magic going on here or am I just blind?

What they unfortunately do a lot is shrink down the object so that you can’t see it. When I cannot find a sub-report, I will click on the header and Tab until I find it. I have found this the best (if not efficient) way to find them.

Mr. John is correct - click on something above (or before) the subreport and then use the tab key. some of the subreports have a height of either zero or just one pixel - so they are effectively invisible.


Have you tried temporarily setting background to different colors - sections, fields, etc…
I find this helpful in identifying item locations in SSRS.