JobAsmbl does not balance to sum of Part Tran and LaborDtl

We have the scenario where a job has 5 parts added to it and no labour. 2 of these parts have a ADJ-PUR transaction as well (due to foreign currency when the invoice arrived compared to the receipt date). One of the parts were not actually needed for the job so we did a Return Material transaction. The initial cost of the part was $380.26 and the ADJ-PUR was -1.33. The return material only reverses the original amount of the transaction (380.26) and not the ADJ-PUR cost (-1.33). I don’t necessarily mind this BUT the value in the TLAMaterialCost has removed the 1.33. I now have an imbalance of 1.33 when comparing the sum of the PartTran and the JobAsmbl as well as between the GL and the WIP report. Any ideas???