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I have some jobs that are not getting scheduled once MRP runs. I thought I asked about recently but can’t fine the post; so sorry if this is duplicate. The Jobs are unfirm but in Job Manager show firm…not sure if I am reading this correctly. Why would a job not schedule? So the strange part is now have jobs that were not scheduled yesterday are scheduled and different ones not scheduled. Can someone please help me understand this? Thanks Kim

What logging level are you using for your MRP processes, and what’s the configuration you’re using?

We are using MRP and Scheduling for the logging level

Nothing is checked and cut off date is 12/31/2018. These jobs should have been scheduled in Nov.

Sorry to bombard you with questions, just a few more though:

  • What’s the schedule start date set to?
  • Since no checkmarks are set, it’s safe to assume you are using Infinite Scheduling?
  • How many MRP Processes and Schedulers is the configuration set to use?

No problem…I appreciate the help.

First image wasn’t schedule yesterday (I see in job manager)

now today

I’m actually not that familiar with the Job Manager program, so I can’t really speak to what’s showing up in there. I don’t see any issues with the MRP configuration, though you could change the configuration to Net Change which should prevent the previously scheduled jobs from being deleted.

At this point, your best bet is likely to review the MRP and Scheduling log files to see what happened with the specific Jobs you’re looking at. I’ve seen in the past with our MRP where some of our schedulers and processes run into an error and just stop working, or even deadlock with each other. For the most part this happens silently since they are redundant with each other, but it may have an impact on the data you’re seeing.

We do run NET Change during week.
I will check logs

Logs don’t show anything. Just it deleting and re-creating.MRP Log.docx (12.1 KB)

If you Firm these jobs, can you MANUALLY schedule them using Job Entry’s Scheduler action?

If not, you likely have an operation with capabilities, resource groups or a resource that is Inactive, has no available capacity or (I’ve seen most often) the operation detail is referencing the same resource twice (and that is contention for scheduling that can’t be overcome).

Rob Brown

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Should jobs be firm or unfirm for MRP to schedule? I thought unfirm but someone else in office said firm.

MRP schedules unfirmed jobs. Whether it finite schedules them (within capacity limitations) is a selectable option on the MRP submittal form.

We don’t use Rough Cut - but I suppose what you describe could be for an unfirmed job that is outside the Rough Cut defined horizon. (Anything within the horizon will be scheduled by MRP and adds to the time MRP takes to run because of the additional work it must do.)

Rob Brown