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We are looking at displaying in a big screen at the factory a real time job status, we’ll only need the basic job details like job#, start hour, date, etc. Any suggestions on how we can do this?

I’m very new to Epicor and I’m not sure if it’s possible to create an auto refresh BAQ and put it in a dashboard?

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We do this. It started small but now there are giant flat screens everywhere. Management loves it.

We use Microsoft Power BI to display the data now, but the first version was a simple Epicor dashboard, it worked fine.

The data for active labor transactions lives in the LaborDtl table. It should have all the data you are looking for and then some. Job #, Start date/time, operator, operation, etc.


Given below is the BAQ Query phrase that we use for a related purpose. You can try that. You can use it in a dashboard and set that to auto refresh.


  • Disclaimer!!!
  • This is not a real query being executed, but a simplified version for general vision.
  • Executing it with any other tool may produce a different result.

[JobHead].[PartNum] as [JobHead_PartNum],
[JobHead].[JobNum] as [JobHead_JobNum],
[JobOpDtl].[ResourceID] as [JobOpDtl_ResourceID],
[JobHead].[CreateDate] as [JobHead_CreateDate],
[JobHead].[StartDate] as [JobHead_StartDate],
[JobHead].[DueDate] as [JobHead_DueDate],
[LaborDtl].[ClockInDate] as [LaborDtl_ClockInDate],
[JobHead].[ProdQty] as [JobHead_ProdQty],
[JobHead].[QtyCompleted] as [JobHead_QtyCompleted],
(JobHead.ProdQty - JobHead.QtyCompleted) as [Calculated_QtyRemain],
[JobHead].[JobComplete] as [JobHead_JobComplete],
[JobHead].[Candidate] as [JobHead_Candidate],
[JobHead].[JobClosed] as [JobHead_JobClosed],
[JobHead].[JobCompletionDate] as [JobHead_JobCompletionDate],
[JobHead].[ClosedDate] as [JobHead_ClosedDate],
[JobOpDtl].[ResourceGrpID] as [JobOpDtl_ResourceGrpID],
[JobHead].[StartHour] as [JobHead_StartHour],
[JobHead].[DueHour] as [JobHead_DueHour]
from Erp.JobHead as JobHead
left outer join Erp.LaborDtl as LaborDtl on
JobHead.Company = LaborDtl.Company
and JobHead.JobNum = LaborDtl.JobNum
inner join Erp.JobOpDtl as JobOpDtl on
JobHead.Company = JobOpDtl.Company
and JobHead.JobNum = JobOpDtl.JobNum
where (JobHead.JobClosed = 0)

Vinay Kamboj

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You can generate the data using a BAQ and the Epicor Rest API

I wrote a handler in Visual Studio to take the data and put it into Google Charts to generate the output Google charts are free and relatively easy to use.


We use grafana with the SQL query driver and just directly pull what we need to display that info.

Interesting. We currently use ZAPBI for our sales reports which then I think we can also use this for the Job details/LaborDtl. I am not just sure if there is an auto page refresh in ZAPBI though.

When you were using the Epicor dashboard, did you go by BAQ then ticked the refresh interval? So then, it will give me a real time status of jobs running?


In the google charts solution you can set the refresh interval in the javascript

$(document).ready(function() {

    // Javascript method's body can be found in assets/js/demos.js
    setInterval(draw, 60000); 

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For the dashboard, I just used the Refresh Interval in the Dashboard Query Properties:

Thank you, I might need to read about Epicor Rest API and how to connect my data to Visual Studio for now.