Keep earned hours after midnight in the previous day

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We are trying to find out if there is a way to shift earned hours that were earned after midnight back to the day before.

For example, we have a night shift that comes in at 3pm. They work past midnight. Any job they log into before midnight correctly saves the earned hours in the day they started working. But in that same shift, if they start (login) a job after midnight, then all that earned hours gets saved in the next day. This is throwing off some reports and making it look like the hours were earned in the wrong day.

We understand that technically the guy did the work on day 2, but we want that earned hours to be saved by shift I guess.

Am I asking this the right way? Has anyone else done this?
Thanks for your time!

We do this but it depends what you mean by saved. If they clock in on the first day, but report labor after midnight, that labor detail IS still attached to the labor head from the prior day.

In our case its purely a reporting concern - when we run custom reports on daily production, we want to keep labor activities showing up on the right day. We do this by using a calculated field for clock in date in our BAQ that simply subtracts 1 day from the labor detail clock in date when the time is before 3am (our cutoff for next shift).

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We have been recalling the time entry, and changing the labor date manually to match the payroll date. I guess we could setup a directive to do this for us. I like the idea of taking any labor entries after midnight and before 4am, then shifting those back a day to put the earned hours in the right shift. I will do some testing in Pilot and see if I can find a good data directive or method directive to make this work.

I would suggest doing what @aosemwengie1 is suggesting, and that’s to change your reporting, and not changing the actual data in your system. While it might be ok, it could have unintended consequences other places, at the very least, it introduces some muddiness into what actually happened which can make things harder to figure out if you have to fix an issue later.


Yeah and the simplest is to just report on the clock in date from the labor head record and ignore the clock in date on the labor detail record, then you don’t have to change or modify anything at all. The reason we don’t do that is because we have shared resources that may stay clocked in for 24 hours so its not reliable for us to do it that way. But either way there shouldn’t be any reason to change the clockin date on the labor detail record.


I think that there are only two reports I need to change. My custom report that shows Earned Hours, and the canned report for Employee Efficiency. I can probably make custom versions of these to just look at Payroll date instead of Labor date.
Thank you!!

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