Key not found: '_CustomerDetails' Parameter name: key : Quick Search adapter.ShowQuickSearch(oTrans, true, dt,Quicksearchname);

I am facing this error due to replaced method for quick search adapter in E9 to E10. The quick search shows the result in grid ,But while retriving in any OBJECT , it return NULL. Here in this case i have catched the value as object fm = adQuickSearch.ShowQuickSearch(oTrans
true, dt,sQuicksearchname);

AM I MISSING ANY SYNTAX …attached the source code

1.Search result on Click :

2.Error on selection and click OK:

Thanks in advance.

Source Code:

,UD01Form_CustomCode.txt (2.8 KB)

Can you show us the code where you are attempting to use the Key _CustomerDetails

Actually there is not such fields used in code,it related to addres of customer. how it is showing _CustomerDetail dont know.

The whole source code is attached.

The “_CustomerDetails” was a calculated field of the quick search. After upgrade,it converted to Calculated_CustomerDetails…so it was the issue with parameter passing.