Kill a Task

Hey Everyone!

So I was running “Verify GL Balances” and the task seems to have froze, as of 4:11pm yesterday. The task is still showing as “Active”. I am unable to kill this task. I’ve attempted:

  • highlighting the task and selecting cancel, it still hangs around as “active”
  • recycling the application pool
  • restarting the task agent
  • restarting the database

None of these things seem to be having any effect. Is there a way I can manually end this task?

Thanks everyone!

Some times the task is showing as active when it’s not really active. If you’ve done all of those things, I would guess that this is the case. There a couple of ways to clear that in the task manager.

You, sir, are a life saver. The first suggestion worked, killing it via SQL. Thank you so much!

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Did something get deleted from this note. I see everything that perfectly describes what is happening, but I don’t see either solution.

Did you click on the links? There are two ways to accomplish the same thing. One is a direct SQL query, the other is a UBAQ, which you can download. What is it that you are confused about?

No - I clicked on the down arrow, thinking it was going to show me everything.

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