Kinetic 2021 On-Prem - does it support Document Sender?

I am currently in the early stage of planning our upgrade from 10.2.400 to Kinetic and can’t find Document Sender.

Is it still available or has it been replaced?

You can download the version of Document Sender for Kinetic 2021 from here →

The release for Kinetic 2021 shows as 11.1.100 and is version 1.4.8

**EDIT **
The proper menu item for CSG Extensions was located - please see below, and please excuse my mental block :slight_smile:

PS - If you can figure out how to get here from the usually EpicWeb landing page, please list it here because I’ve been unable to find this location the usual way and can only get here with this link I got from Support.

Thanks Mike.

Does it require a licence file update??

Actually, DocSender has it’s own special license file and installation process. I wish Epicor would get with it an integrate in the core product - it’s cheap and super convenient.

Dang! I could’ve sworn I was in that menu before. Sure enough you are correct sir!
Thank you :slight_smile: