Kinetic App Studio - Redesign Classic Dashboard

We are currently on E10 and are working on implementing Kinetic. Our Test environment is 2021.2.13. We have made lots of progress on some of the more challenging technical aspects of migrating our customizations to work in a browser-based environment. One thing that I am currently trying to tackle is how to redesign this Classic Dashboard in Kinetic using the App. Studio:

Aside from the layout challenges, I have been finding it very difficult to figure out if there are differences in what can be accomplished in the App Studio for Dashboards versus layers for standard Kinetic screens. Are there limitations to what can be done in App Studio for Dashboard layers?

I am finding that the on-line documentation for the various widgets probably only covers about 10% of the widgets themselves and far less when it comes to the myriad of fields and their varied syntaxes. I am starting to find my way by studying what Epicor has done, but it is frustrating having to reverse-engineer EVERYTHING.

In E10, we created some very complex standalone apps and in-app customizations. With the change to Kinetic and the App. Studio I am feeling like all that experience is of greatly reduced value.

Hi John,

I ran across this post searching for info on developing Kinetic Dashboards. We are in the same boat. Trying to play nice and do stuff the Epicor way… We are SaaS so kinetic is getting shoved at us pretty hard. We are a small company and I double as the IT/Production Planner/Report Writer/Data Minion :grin:

My dev background is self taught and I lean towards the Win Forms approach that Classic offers. Biggest hurdle is Kinetic Forms are Real-Estate hogs…One of our bigger Dashboard has 10 panel and one has 3 tab controls on it. I am at a loss how to convert to Kinetic.

I started a Visual Studio Project and am using Jose Gomez’s Rest Helper ( a real blessing) and am working on that to bridge the gap between Kinetic appearance and actual functionality…

Have you made any progress on converting these to Kinetic ??


We are on-prem and are currently using E10 in Production with Kinetic in Testing.

I was planning to implement Kinetic primarily using the web interface with greatly simplified screens, but after we installed 2022.1.5, there are some screens that do not work correctly. The biggest offender is Job Entry. For some of our more complex Jobs, it takes 5 minutes to finish loading. That is a show-stopper.

I just installed the 2022.1.6 update and I’m hoping that this changes the game.

With my more complex dashboards, I have given up trying to get Kinetic versions that match their E10/Classic equivalent. I am hoping that Epicor makes some improvements to Kinetic Dashboard development that allow the kind of control required to make these complex dashboards effectively.

If I have any breakthroughs, I’ll let you know.

It is unfortunate that you are resorting to building your dashboards in VS using REST. We have done some complex development using VS to create WinForms apps that integrate Epicor with other apps (Excel, SolidWorks, MS Project), but these are for integration and/or automation.

Thanks for the reply, I will keep looking and testing ideas…

I give up on Kinetic about once a month or so.


Any interest in sharing what you’ve done for Solidworks?

If you have some examples for you integrated in to Solidworks that would be nice.

We’re in the process of going from E10 to Kinetic 2021.2.13 as well. Dashboard designer isn’t in Kinetic yet so we’re going “live” with classic Dashboards for the same reason you state.