Kinetic AppStudio row-update


Is it possible to use a formula in the Value field in row-update properties? Or, is calling a function the only way to do so?

I am trying to populate a UD field automatically with a calculated value when the onBlur event fires on another field.


Yeah just type it into the expression assuming you are just pulling data from one of the local dataViews.


I tried assigning the expression property like below and left the value blank but that didn’t update the field? Should I put something in the Value property as well?

Use curly braces, not parentheses.

{ShipDtl.OurInventoryShipQty} * 5

@hmwillett Thank you so much! That was it.

Is there any training document from Epicor on the App studio?

You can peruse the help within App Studio to get a basis.
Outside of that, the documentation is still pretty limited.
You can search these forums and if you don’t find your answer, post and folks like me will answer if they can.


Thanks, @hmwillett! I have found some good instructional videos in the Epicor Learning Center. I hope there will be more in the future.

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