Kinetic BPM Data Form

In WinForms we are used to creating BPM Data Forms, create a customization for it, and call the customized BPM Data Form from the BPM.

How is this done in the Kinetic UI? With the BPM still active, it does trigger a slide-out panel, but the WinForms customization does not load (which makes sense). Is there a way to modify the BPM Data Form in Application Studio or are customized BPM Data Forms not supported anymore?

Unless there has been recent changes, there’s no such thing as custom/customised BPM forms. Yet, at least.

The alternative/workaround sometimes being to setup a custom slide out panel and event processes to submit the appropriate data to the server - which can often be easier and better via an Epicor Function rather than a BPM. It can be a better approach and work really well in some cases but not in others where the BPM form prompt/trigger would have traditionally been off the back of field validations or server side events. Plus it is a bit of an anti-pattern in terms of reuse so hopefully Epicor can include/enable custom BPM forms soon - technically it should not be difficult.

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Thank you for answering!