Kinetic Customization in Menu Maintenance

I completed my very first Customization of an Epicor supplied Kinetic screen. I added a Print icon to the top toolbar in Purchase Order Entry Screen. I can call up the customization layer in Kinetic App Studio and preview the change and all looks good.

But I can’t figure out how to set that customization as default in Menu Maintenance. Menu Maintenance has the classic PO screen, and I can select other customizations in the drop-down like I have done for years, but that is only for the classic screen, not Kinetic screen.

Any hints how to get the Kinetic version of Menu Maintenance so I can select my new customization?

I am testing 10.2.700.5 on a sandbox test server.

It appears that I have to create a new menu item in Menu Maintenance specifically for the Kinetic version of the screen. With the Program Type listed as Kinetic, then the Customization button becomes active and allows one or more customization layer to be applied.