Kinetic Customization

Hi all still on a learning curve here and need some assistance.
We are in an upgrade process from ERPv10.2.600 to Kinetic. Some customizations worked out of the box and a few I had to rework.

I am having difficulty recreating a customization in Kinetic which adds a page to Buyer Maintenace that gets data from a BAQ that shows the Part Classes assigned based on the buyerID.

I have tried using the Application studio to do this but I cannot seem to get it to work when the baq has the where clause but without it, I get no response.

The page

This is the BAQ

My try in Kinetic

  1. Added a new page
  2. Added a Panel Card Grid to display the baq. (Note the BAQ is without the where clause)
  3. I want to show only the description on the menu.

Thanks for helping in advance. :smiling_face:

Hello @kinggba ,

What I tried is adding a column to my Grid Model-> Columns.
My BAQ Will retrieve all the columns from BAQ I will have to explicitly add columns as I needed.

In your case you navigate to grid Model-> Columns
Click on + Paste PartClass_Description Instead of APInvDtl_InvoiceNum in Field and Ep Binding and try to Run.

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As @patel_saif said, to get just the one column, you have to define that column in your grid model.

For the Where clause - leave it out of your BAQ and pass your criteria when you execute the BAQ.
If you are storing the data in a DataView, you can try adding a filter:

This is my BAQ DataView in Part Maintenance - equivalent to “WHERE Calculated_PartOrParent = Part.PartNum”

Or if you’re executing your BAQ in an event, you can add a Where clause to the execution:

Under BAQ Execute Options, just add the SQL Where clause you need

thanks @patel_saif this worked

@jwphillips Thanks for taking a look at this. I am actually not sure how to set up the the where clause into a dataview. The other question is, in a dataview can a user assign new part classes or change old ones as can be seen in the dropdown in v10?

There is a wizard in Application Studio for creating a DataView for your BAQ results - and it can build the code to call your BAQ and filter it to the current Buyer.
(There is a place to populate BAQ Parameters, but last I knew, it still will prompt on the screen to populate that value, so it’s not ideal)

Then you just add a reference to that DataView from your custom grid.

The BAQ you showed is not updatable, so that is not something that will be included, but you can make it happen with other customization…

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Thank You @patel_saif @jwphillips