Kinetic in the browser - load balancing application servers with ARR

Is anyone loading balancing Kinetic with ARR (Application Request Routing) in IIS and tired to run the browser version of Kinetic through ARR?

In a test environment I have setup Kinetic with one SQL server for the DB and reporting, and two application servers, and one ARR server in front of the application servers. I have followed Epicor’s instructions on how to install and configure ARR in Epicor’s tech reference System Administration guide.

The full smart client works great without any issue through ARR… but when I try use the browser version of Kinetic I can get to the login page but then when I try to log in I get this error message… “Connection failed, please review the username and password and try again”. I do not have an issue with the browser version when I connect straight to one of the application servers bypassing the ARR server.

Is anyone using something other than ARR to load balance application servers?

We had to turn off SSL Offloading or the Loadbalancer would switch HTTPS to HTTP internally, causing similar issues.

In ARR SSL Offloading is Enabled. Try disabling it for certain domain.

Are you using HttpsBinaryUsernameChannel for the Endpoint Binding on the application servers?