Kinetic MES from browser only is a train wreck

I was able to finally get logged onto the Kinetic MES using just a browser.

I was anxious to test this because our Intermec handheld scanners are old and maintaining them is a pain - so i was hoping we could use tablets instead (cheaper and much more real estate).

I bought a Samsung Glaxy Tab A7 Lite (i know the cheapest i could find). At first i was not able to login to our Pilot Kinetic MES using just a browser ( i was getting an error message). I placed a ticket for help and support finally got back to me (one week later) with a new hyperlink. Here it is with the server numbers removed:

I get logged on to the MES now.

However, I have run into so many errors, i can see in the first 5min this is not something I can consider using for our people.

To be fair maybe there is something in our setup that is causing the issues.

  1. When i try to start a new production item i get a licensing error saying i need advanced scheduling . . . I am able to start an operation (despite the message).
  2. When i try to start a second operation (i.e. I run two machines and need to login my time for both at the same time) I get an error that I cannot modify an accepted labor.

I have not gone any further since it would be pointless to let even our senior Power Users try this out.

Please someone tell me my system is setup incorrectly and they are using the browser only Kinetic MES 2001.2


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Try mode=DC instead.
MES is the old, DC (data collection ) is the new.

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Mr. Aaron: Thank you for the suggestion. That helped remove the licensing error (advanced scheduling required . . .)

Still unable to login to two operations at the same time without deleting the first entry.


Oops - spoke too soon:


@DaveOlender … I’ve tried in our sandbox (on prem), we’re not getting that error. Maybe it has to do with the .2?

When I used his link, it redirected me to this mode. I remember in .700, the MES mode would result in a full license usage. This time only data collection.

EDIT: Actually I think the URL was already in my browser. I forced the MES and it stayed. Everything looked the same and it still only used the DC license.

Awesome. Maybe they depreciated the MES variation. I know they said they would.

That error is not because of the version. I’m on 2021.2.2 and do not get that error. May be a config issue.

Hi everyone,
has anyone got ‘On prem’ MES URL working ? i have few trials and this is my error

Dave, I am currently testing the broswer MES on an Android tablet and having the same problem with the licensing error at random times. Curious if you had success with tablet / browser MES.

Mr. Dan: I never got it resolved from Support.


Mr. Dave,

Thanks for the heads up - I have two cloud customers that are looking forward to using tablets for MES
I just tried looking at the work queue and it isn’t working.


Do you mean the ticket is still open, or they rejected it?

Hi @DaveOlender - I am getting the same licensing error in MES (using most current URL). We are on public cloud - don’t know if that matters. I have had a ticket in EpicCare since mid November. Very frustrating because I really want our users to start using the URL - so far it works reasonably well - but not with this annoying error message. If there are 5 operations open, you get 5 errors.

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Anybody else keep getting caught at login?

I can put in an employee ID and hit tab and it works, but when I hit enter it throws me into a loop that I can’t get out of where I hit OK then it shows that I logged in, but the dialog stays up. I can’t click out of the dialog, if I hit OK it just repeats the loop, and if I hit cancel it logs me out

Edit: Looks like I can change the login dialog to close on outside click and this is an easy workaround to get out of the loop

It may have something to do with how you are logging into MES. If you are using a generic log in (e.g. “Shop”) and the employee you are clocking in has their own User ID, you may get that frustrating loop. Try using an employee who doesn’t have a User ID and see if that helps. Another thing we have done is to make sure the Employee is set up without a connection to their User ID. This can be done by deleting the user information in the Employee set up. Most of our shop employees don’t need a User ID anyway.

Can anyone fully use the Web Version? we want to use the browser version but I think the Inspection data is not working.

We don’t use Inspection but so far, we haven’t been able to use the Web Version for anything. It’s too unpredictable and buggy. I would dearly love it to get more reliable - especially MES.