Kinetic Order Entry, Manifest Info, Billing...Broken in Kinetic Web?

Maybe this is going to be another “it’s just you Scott” issue :roll_eyes:, but I am seeing a difference between smart client vs web ui in Order Entry / Manifest Detail / Billing.

I plan on opening a support ticket, but wondering if someone else can take a quick look to check my sanity

Scenario: trying to convert classic custom code to an event in application studio. It’s fairly straightforward, we have a button that moves some fields from the Manifest VIEW to OrderHed.

My app. studio event is just a row-update on the btnClick event.

The row-update is failing, and I’m quite sure the reason is the Manifest view isn’t correctly loaded.

In smart client, I have debugged in visual studio and there is one row (as I would expect) in the view and proper values are there (when the order is for a customer that has it’s ShipToMFBill table/fields populated)

But when I am in Kinetic/web, loading the same Order I get an “undefined” error and looking at the view (ctrl-alt-V in debug tools) the Manifest view is empty



(There are no other errors in the debug trace log when the order is loaded)

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I don’t even have a manifest view in Order Entry. The fields you’re referring to are in Order Entry / Manifest Detail / Billing are bound to OrderHed in mine.
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Thanks for checking @hmwillett

Yes, mine are also bound to OrderHed and my customization is trying to load them with values from the Manifest view.

What’s strange is I have a Manifest view in both classic (with data) and Web UI (empty), and you don’t (at least for web)

(I assume that’s your pilot version, I remember from before your pilot version was same as mine but not prod I think, 2023.1.6)

For grins I checked the Base layer just now, I still have the Manifest view

Well, I opened a ticket, we’ll see what happens (eventually)

I don’t have the view in classic either. I wonder if I’m missing a license of some time? :thinking:

ahhh, that’s an interesting (and good) thought

Curious, do you use the “Quick Ship” module ? thinking that might be the difference and we might only have it activated in our classic UI not our web side, which would then explain why I see the different behaviour between my classic UI vs Web

Regardless, I believe I have found a workaround to get at the data I need