Kinetic Rules not working properly

Hello there!
Recently I am working on some app in application studio and I have added the rule. Rule was to set the style of specific view field to warning and it was working correctly. I decided to remove that rule because I don’t need it anymore. Now I don’t have any rules at all but it seems that deleted rule is still working. Has anybody figured it out already? How to remove rule “fully” without editing anything in database? Maybe it is known bug.

Clearing cache didn’t help. It is both inside epicor standard client and web client.

Did you publish it after the update. If it is not published the changes will not show up.

Changes WILL show up without publishing in preview mode. And that’s where I still see old rule.

Is the rule on a different layer?

Everything is in one and the same layer.
The problem is that if you remove that rule it is not visible in AppStudio anymore but it is still in database (and in effect that rule is still working).
So the problem here is that the rule should be removed from database also. Can anyone check if you have the same issue?
I have created totally new App, then added layer, then rule.