Kinetic Scroll Bars

Has anyone noticed the scrollbars are super thin in Kinetic? Is there way to make them thicker? See sample screenshot.

Its pain to have to hover the mouse perfectly over top to drag it left or right. Just seems odd

No way to change it; it’s horrible.
I submitted a case against it awhile ago.

Thanks for the reply Aaron. Did your case ever make it to a Problem Ticket? Or does it have to be proposed as an new Idea/Enhancement? I can always as one also.

Problem PRB0240179.
It was accepted 2 months ago with no updates since then.

This isn’t just a Kinetic thing. This is in every browser and in Windows too. If you search thin or skinny scroll bars, you’ll get a ton of hits with various suggestions.

Probably five years ago, people were complaining that the scroll bars were taking up too much screen real estate. :man_shrugging: :rofl:

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