Kinetic UI Layers removed from Menu

We have just been testing our Major Update process to move our test environment from 2021.X to 2022.2.X and have noticed that any UI layers that we have created have been removed from the Kinetic Customisation field in the Menu Maintenance screen and we are having to redeploy them.

Has anyone else seen this or have we done something wrong?

We had this happen to us. I was lucky I had an old backup on our Dev system to reference and get them all set back to the customizations.

Did you contact support on it at all?

Yes this happened to me too. I reported it to support weeks ago. They have not responded to multiple requests for update on the issue, as usual.

Do you have a ticket number Alisa?

Yes my current ticket is CS0003515938. I did provide my database to them and they were able to reproduce the issue, but I haven’t heard anything since then.

OK Thanks, i am now wading knee deep trying to sort the issues in my Live Environement (Golden Template) so that i can start another cutover test next week. I will contact support then and maybe my Project Manager as we cant be doing this every major update :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I am running into a surprising number of issues trying to upgrade to 2022 - in addition to this maddening issue, our few kinetic custom layers didn’t convert properly (fields missing after upgrade - standard ones), DMT templates are missing (it seems if you have attached a custom kinetic layer on a menu item, DMT no longer thinks you have permission to that template), and the country no longer defaults in for One Time Ship To addresses in order entry, and there is no warning that the country is missing, which means sales tax calculation silently fails.

There are more problems too but the combination of all these issues is causing us to hesitate to cutover. At this point not sure if we will wait for some issues to get fixed in 2022, wait for 2023.1, or what. It’s really disappointing as this first cut is almost worse than upgrading from E10.1 to 2021.2 where we were prepared/expecting a lot of things not to work.

Was it just the UI Layers that were missing or did you find anything else?

I didn’t find anything else missing from the menus.

OK that is a bit of a relief :rofl:

I did not contact support.