Kinetic UI - White Screen upon opening process

The white screen when you open a process happens fairly frequently to users on the Kinetic interface.

Has anyone found what is causing it?
Epicor support has stated, The main hurdle is that no one is able to reproduce it on command. Unless that can be done, it will be very difficult for development, support, etc to be able to get any necessary information that would be required to help identify the cause.

The only solution is to close the screen and reopen it.

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So frustrating. I have no solution or replication steps, but I definitely see this often.

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Same here, If you do not see the thin blue line running across, the top, Close window try again. …


Just wondering, when this happens, are there any errors showing in the Dev Tools?

Missing library, failed network, etc?

Hi Mark, Not 100% sure of what Dev tools is ???

Keyboard shortcuts - Chrome Developers


The problem is it’s hard to replicate. It’s not like I have Dev Tools sitting open and ready when a screen does this. :slightly_frowning_face:

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That’s what @DeanMiller Dean is for!


I see, ditto to Hannah. Not fond of straight from Browser, I like my open with to much, can put window where I want it…

I mean–you can do all of that in a browser.
Open with opens in a new tab which you can undock and move around. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


True, I suppose. I was ‘Classic’ ly trained… skeptical :face_with_diagonal_mouth: of Kinetic forms still… haha

With good reason! :rofl:


When I was at my last company we had kinetic. One thing I found was I was on a tablet PC. I got screens that support had never seen before (dark mode).

I found if I right clicked in the white space and selected “back” I would get the screen. IIRC, that lead to other issues.

We never did figure out a reproducible cause.

With a workaround this solid don’t expect a real solution! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s a regular occurrence. (PCID anything…) :wink:

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Speaking of PCID…


We get this all the time too in our testing Kinetic. We’re supposed to go live in June but with everything we found thus far and this I’m worried we’ll have users out with pitchforks and torches.

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Even without bugs, that happens.

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True, but I can outrun smaller crowds. The whole company would be a harder task.

Well - I guess we can wait for 2024.1 to come out.

Here’s the response from support
Thank you for the feedback, Bruce. As previously mentioned, as there has been nothing actionable in any of the existing logs available and without being able to reproduce this with any consistency, there are no additional steps that we can take at this time.

If this situation changes and the issue can be reproduced predictably, please let me know and we can get the team to start digging into what we can. To set expectations, as this behavior only occurs with the installed client and that will be removed from the product in Kinetic 2024.1, using Kinetic in a browser would be the recommended approach to avoid this issue in the current Kinetic release.