Kinetic - using Enter key in place of the Tab key

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Out of curiosity - why does Epicor ERP use the ‘Tab’ key in place of ‘Enter’? I expect there’s a reason for it - but just feels a bit unusual to be using ‘Tab’ rather than ‘Enter’ to execute commands. (E.g. when using ‘Search’ fields or logging into MES).

Is it possible to default to the ‘Enter’ key in Kinetic?

I found this old thread, but the solution doesn’t apply to the new UI.


In “most” windows based system I have worked with in the past 30+ years or so, the tab key moves you from control/field to control/field. This is pretty much normal behavior in a windows environment.

As with other controls for buttons the tab key should move you from button to button and the enter key will execute the button in focus. In a fair number of systems the enter key will behave like a tab key for controls other than buttons, moving you from control to control.

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I just saw someone else post this, I couldn’t find the original:
In any form go to options and find the Enter as Tab box.

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Thanks, this method works if I open the form in Classic.

Update on my post. Just tested with the latest Kinetic update (2022.2.11) - all ‘Search’ fields on Kinetic screens are now handling ‘Enter’ as ‘Tab’ by default.

No idea if this is a recent change or if it just wasn’t working in our system previously. Happy it works anyway.

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The only problem you’ll encounter is when you’re entering data into text boxes. When you need to drop down to start a new line or paragraph, the Enter Key will instead tab you out of the text box onto another field on the form.

That’s why Epicor is defaulted to use the Tab key for moving from one object to the next as opposed to the Enter Key.

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Usually, you can add additional lines to multiline text entry fields using shift-enter.

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